Inspirational Read

Book Title: The Life And Times Of A Common Man

Author : Sanjay Chandra

Pages : 156


The book is based on the true story of the author’s own life. This is one of the greatest reading experiences I’ve ever had. He mentions his childhood, teenage years, life in railway department , marriage life, raising his family. He also explains his experiences of 69 years of his life and still didn’t want to give up on his dreams and motivates the readers. It contains memoirs of his life along with the changes. His memories were the most fond ones, some of them were humorous especially his childhood, but some were motivating much like the memories of a common man who wants to accomplish something out of his life. Some people were able to relate it with him. Descriptions of his early life is interesting.

Writing Style is simple yet effective. Language is easy to follow. Colourful attractive painting in the Cover is beautifully potrayed. Narration is good with interesting blurb. Everything feels so realistic and contains lots of experience. Author simply narrates his life story of early 60’s and so on and ends with a amazing thought which inspires me a lot.

Rating: 5/5

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“Timepass Story Of The Internet Addiction”

Book Title: Timepass Story Of The Internet Addiction
Author : Amit Joshi
Pages : 321


The story is about a guy named Shikhar Who is addicted to internet and social networks. He doesn’t care to manage his time according to his work. His gives attention only to his phone if he got any free time. He spends most of his time on internet like retweeting, commenting on posts, posting on FB, getting likes and counting others likes, texting, content reading, and viewing videos. By spending all his times like this he forgot to enjoy the moment outside his phone.

Characterization is good and some of the characters are not well explained like Madhavi who got herself immersed in books. Cover is attractive and the title is an apt one and catchy too. Language is simple and it’s a fast paced at first but I got bored in the middle. It contains a great message to this young generation. It’s a entertaining read.

Technology is affecting us both Good and Bad ways. Our society has so quickly and readily embraced technology that we haven’t thought about long term effects.

The book is about how internet is destroying your focus, how it draws your attention into various forms and makes you focus only on websites.
Internet is useful in many ways for communicating to other person through Facebook, twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp and so on and it gathers information about everything in a minute, but before internet we only use letters, as a medium of communication and to gather information we use books. The usage of internet makes us look lazy and slaves. Most people who use internet frequently becomes addicted to it.

Rating: 3.5/5

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The Eight FBian Hearts

Book Title: The Eight FBian Hearts

Author : Harsha Shastry

Pages : 180

About The Author:

Harsha Shastry is a dynamic creative writer with over twelve years of experience in the areas of Creative Writing including animation screenplay, lyrics, Novellas, Novels, copy ads, Comics, jingles, and dialogues. He has written numerous stories/screenplays for very acclaimed and popular kids cartoon shows like Chhota Bheem, Motu and Patlu, etc. His stories have been published in international journals like “Earthen Lamp.” Apart from being a Creative Writer, he is a humanitarian who believes in the strength of each individual, irrespective of race and gender.


The book is about eight people who uses Facebook profusely and how they got connected to the other person, in a paired up way. It’s a love story which begins from Facebook.Bhaskar, writer at radio station. Married and divorced, waiting for someone who could fill his Loneliness.Vishnu, a marketing executive of a private banking who mentions himself as a CEO in facebook.Sujala who wants to reach fame by modelling but now working as a anchor in shows.Sanika, a kindergarten teacher who is affected by Leucoderma. She accepts all requests from her gender and ignored if it’s a opposite gender, but she accepts request from Vijay.Pradeep, who got addicted to games in FB, unfortunately fell in love with the beauty of SujalaMalvi, who wants to fall in love deeply and then married to him. She accepts Vishnu’s request after seeing his profile as CEO.Anaya, dark complexed girl but a talented painter, who is afraid of being rejected.Vijay is an assistant manager in nationalised bank is a shy guy, whose parents forced him to marry a girl, but he wants to feel the depth of love.The story switches between each of these eight characters and the choices they made and how they find their perfect partner in facebook.


Language is remarkable and simply written to make it easy to read. The narration in the book creates a Vivid potrayal of life. It was very simple and absolutely loved reading it. Ending was perfect which adds beauty to the prose, and in the end, author paired up their lives together and makes it as a Happily Ever After type.It’s a eye opening Story focused on today’s reality. This is harsh reality presented for those that live on edge of the society, those that are alienated because of their colour, appearances, social status and money.The character interaction and relationship within a small group of people experience almost all and have a variety of perspective how it influences each other. It’s also about how the misconceptions shapes each Characters. With the well developed characters, you get a heartbreaking feelings about how they got rejected for their mistakes in covering their appearances.

Rating: 4.5/5

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Daughters Of The Brothel

Book Title: Daughters Of The Brothel

Author : Deepak Yadav

Pages : 195


A rare book written for actual sex workers discussing the real life impact of being a prostitute. Main subject of the book is about daily struggles in the lives of the Hijras, trafficking and sex workers. Also about how their community are ill- treated by our society.Book starts with the story of a Eunuch named Sharmila, where she shares her life tale as a Hijras. He tries to inform us about being a Eunuch is a syndrome called Klinefelter ( Extra copy of X chromosome is present in male). I’m thrilled to read about castration performance and Nath utrai. Jhumpa and Kareena stories made me realize the emotional turmoil of their life.Writing style of the author is commendable, his choice of words are appreciatable in which you can feel all the emotions while reading the book. He creates intense atmosphere without endless paragraph of descriptions.The central themes of the book is really a great work. Their feelings are captured so masterfully. Struggles of the characters is heartbreaking. This is an exceptional piece of work. The issues of abuses, trafficking is extensively discussed as well.One of such more observable consequences is that clients become more scarce, and those who still want to buy sex increasingly become more jittery. Sex workers find it increasingly hard to get work and they often have to give in to it for small amount of money too.You will not just gain a better understanding on sex work and it’s politics But also a good insight into how these issues weave together in today’s environment.Overall an extremely well written and accessible piece on such a complex topic.

My nath utrai (Taking off the nose ring) was performed when I was twelve or thirteen. The initial days were tough but now it gives me pleasure. I have inherited the art of making love from my grandmother.”-Roopal, a sex worker from the Bedia community in brothel number 56.

“Everyone believes that all hijras are castrated, but this is not true. We call it nirvana. Castration is usually optional. It cannot be forced upon a hijra.”-Sharmila, a eunuch from the streets of Varanasi

Rating: 5/5

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“My Happily Ever After”

Book Title: My Happily Ever AfterAuthor : Sanjay SharmaPages : 180

About the Author:

Sanjay Sharma teaches in an engineering college and lives in Ghaziabad. Reading and writing has been his life-long passion, and he loves to write motivational and inspirational stories. He has a keen interest in understanding human behaviour, and is a creative thinker fascinated by spirituality.


The story centered around Keshav Dixit, a teenage guy whose passion is writing and wanted to make it as his profession. But to fulfill his father’s dream, he joined a engineering college in Delhi and stays at hostel. He successfully completed his first semester but began feeling lonely in his second semester, he needs someone to be his side. He got awestruck when his eyes met a girl who steps on the stage and perform his solo song. He came to know more about her that she also belonged to the same class and jus got transferred. They both become friends eventually, when he confessed his love to her, she rejected it and said that she only wanted a best friend who could support her in all ways. After that events takes place, which separates the two of them in two different ways. After Aditi leaves him, he got emotionally depressed and didn’t want to continue engineering. He was admitted to psychiatric hospital, after that he wants to write his own book and wanted to fulfill his only dream to become a author.
Will Aditi and Keshev experience a Happily Ever after ending?

Will both of them fulfill their dreams?


Story is clear and accessible, as well as engaging. With simple designed cover and matching title, Author gives a innocent love story of a guy and his achievements aftermath. Depression of the main protagonist are penned well. Characterization is good. While reading the first half of the book, I had a feeling, that it lacks female protagonist perspective. But after the second part, everything goes well and explained clearly. Relationship between the main character and his father are described well enough to feel all those emotions. The book also asks us to follow our passion. Language used is simple and easy to follow. A fascinating light read!

Rating: 4/5

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“Beyond Our Melancholy”

Book Title: Beyond Our Melancholy

“It All Starts With A Dream”

Author : Zeba Ali

Pages : 199

About The Author:

Born and brought up in Maharashtra, India, 25 years old Zeba Ali dedicated to break stereotypes as she went to pursue her dream of writing after successfully completing her engineering degree. After writing spiritual romance for almost five years, Zeba’s presence can be seen on various platforms like Wattpad, Inkitt, Ficfun, and Amazon. When she is not writing, Zeba likes to spend her time reading or with her family of four.


Story centered around Zinia who once experienced a awful past and Fazal Bashir, billionaire. Both of them are spiritual person who believes in lord. When Fazal was greatly affected by his dreams where he saw a brown eyed lady who asks for help and this dream repeatedly playing in his mind. When he met Zinia, he came to know that she is one whom his parents wanted him to marry her, after visiting her house he got emotionally connected with his Chotti Amma ( Zinia’s mom ) and decided to marry Zinia. After their marriage, Fazal came to know that Zinia doesn’t ready to accept him because of what happened in her past – the dreadful incident which makes her shiver even after years.

To know more about these lovely couple and Zinia’s dark past, read this book.


I was totally captivated from the beginning. Interesting book which has poignant story. Storyline evoke a real sense of dark and depressing thoughts of the protogonist and the feeling of impending loss.

The story will Guide you through a memory that engages the senses and deepens feeling. There is sadness, hope, grief, joy of remembering past and a fear in knowing the past can’t leave you and it’ll hurt you till the end. This is reverent melancholy tale. It balances well the lose and hope that comes with change through this story. Thought provoking Story. Quotes from Quran are mentioned well, Which makes it as a spiritual read.

The cover is enough to pick this book without a thought. It’s gorgeous and each chapter starts with variety of terms. Story switches from past to present and it’s a fast paced book.

Characters are believable and well built. Male and female protagonists are emotionally penned and they are described well, where we can easily connect with the story line through the characters. The emotions are raw and explained very much realistic.


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“Life Is A Wordplay. Go. Win”

Book Title: Life Is A Wordplay. Go. win.

Author : Vivek Gaurav

Pages : 228


Book starts with snippets about Life experiences and philosophy, and jumps to various other facts related to a person in life like their behaviour, food, fitness, self improvement, society, worklife, marriage, family etc.

Author achieves to give us a small snippets like thought provoking read in each and every title. He explores all the facts of life in these two liner quote.

It is visible that his Ideas are formed into words, and gives us a ideal entertaining short lines.

It is both creative and intellectual, and clearly marked that the author is a master thinker and artist in creating philosophical and also fun filling thoughts.

Along With Captivative words this Book had some engaging punches. Each of them are Straight and clear using minimum amount of words.

This is an interesting and entertaining read. Book flows really well. An absolute delight to the readers, who wants to give it a try.

Author’s writing style is creative , brilliant and impressive. As the author said in the beginning it’s not a fiction, self-help or motivational book, it is collection of lively and entertaining quotes from a /with a amusing outlook towards life. Author’s whimsical sense of humour has made it a delightful read.

Compilation of witty responses gives us a laugh out loud moment some of them makes us to think deep into it.

Author’s positiveness and passion shine well through his narration and you get some wonderful sense of funnier side of the author who is good with the lines. It’s a fast paced book, you only need minimum 40 minutes to complete this precious wordplay.


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Spies, Lies & Red Tape

( A Spy-Military-Political Fiction Thriller based on the Indian Subcontinent)

Author : Amit Bagaria

Publisher : Notion Press

Pages : 190

About The Author:

His parents thought he was studying business administration in USA.
 He was actually studying journalism.

His parents thought he was doing case studies on IBM and Pepsi. 
 He was actually interviewing the Governor of Ohio or a convicted murderer in jail.

When he was consultant for the Aditya Birla Memorial Hospital in Pune, he told Rajshree
 Birla and Kumar Mangalam Birla their offices would be in the Basement of the Hospital.

As an entrepreneur, Amit has been India’s No.1 Healthcare Consultant, India’s No.1 Retail Consultant
 and India’s No.1 Residential Real Estate Consultant, apart from excelling in several other sectors.

As a Retail Consultant, he wrote prolifically for various retail publications. For one article, he interviewed several industry leaders, including Kishore Biyani, considered the father of modern retail in India. Little did poor Mr. Biyani know that Amit would lambast him in the article. The next time they ran into each other, Mr. Biyani told Amit that – being a fellow Marwari – he should have been less critical of him.

It was the same article that led a leading publisher approach Amit to write a book – back in 2010, 
but that part of Amit’s life only began 7 years later. When he did begin, he did not stop or even pause. He has completed ten (YES, TEN) books in 17 months and is now working on his 11th.


Introduction in the first part of the book gives us a detailed insight of this book, character development is really captivated enough to hold the readers attention. Indo Pakistani war described well in short and quick.
There are plenty of twists and turns throughout and you really need to keep your eye on the book at all the times to go with the flow.

The book is tightly woven with all the spy elements with politics as a basis. Plot is executed brilliantly and fast paced. Filled with enormous amounts of twist which makes the readers to maintain a line with the book. Characters are strong and realistic. Intriguing theme makes this book as a good gripping thriller read.

The predictability and unpredictability of story in this book, makes it a book that can be read as I did in one gulp without losing the books meaning or power. Cover is simple and Language is remarkable. It is evident that Author has done has a lot of research for this book.

Rating: 4.2/5

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Trinity By The Horns

Book Title: Trinity By Horns

( A Tale Of God & Bots )

Author : Prana Natarajan

Pages : 186


The story starts with a entertaining gathering of investors, for a space project. Bala, Brammy, Shivpal are the three important characters in this books. Two groups have been created Devas & Asuras. Sci-Fi themes maintained well along with mythology terms and concepts especially naming of each and every Characters.

The names of the characters are perfectly fitted well with mythology concepts and their part of work is also related to their names. It’s really interesting. Some of the characters were really funny, some of them were egoist, aggressive. The female character Shakti is well crafted with strong build characterization. Names like Narad, Indra, Chandra, Brahmanand, Sunny, Rahul, Shukra seems interesting.

Concepts of Robots and artificial intelligence is involved in this story. The blending of concepts like this makes the book as unique in its own style without creating much confusion. This book is really a great entertaining short read.
The narration is well maintained but not till the end. I got bored in the middle but overall it captures me with sudden twists and turns. Cover is pretty much awesome.

Rating : 3/5

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“The Combat Of Magic And Miracles”

Book Title : The Combat Of Magic And Miracles

Author : Samuel Dharmendar

Publisher : Notion Press

Pages : 77

About The Author:

Samuel Dharmendar is an educator and community service enthusiast. He has loved reading fantasy fictions since childhood and fond memories of the same. He is passionate about fantasy, Supernatural occurrences, magic, miracles and fairy tales. He started writing novellas at a very early age but waited for the right moment to Publish “The Combat Of Magic And Miracles”. Apart from reading and writing, he loves travelling, photography and farming.


The book is centered around a 18 years old Deborah who wants to save her father from Diana, queen of serpents. King Malchizedek had Three supreme powers, Cybel (Eagle king), Zebulun (Peacock king) & Diana (Serpent Queen). Due to Diana’s ruthless behaviour, king of Bethal throwned her out of his land. After that event she wanted to take revenge against the people of the Bethal, she made the people to violate “Book of life” and punish them for their sins. Deborah along with her friends marched towards the cave where Diana lives. She encountered lots of struggles in her journey but she was supported by the Eagle king. And in the end she came to know more about herself.


The writing was wonderful and mini Magical elements thrown in, really hooked me. I appreciate the character development which is short and quick, i thought the characters description should be elaborate a little more than this. So that readers can connect with the characters as well.

The narrative was Vivid, compelling and fast. The pace meandered but the story unfolded quickly enough to prevent the tale from feeling slow. You can visualize all the struggles and hardships that Deborah is crossing.

I loved the elements, where eagles, peococks and snakes are meddling with. First half part of about the kingdom and it’s origin. Second half, where you can find yourself immersed with a ordinary girl who wants to fight back for her father and encounters her love life in-between the journey and almost losing it and coping up with the struggles, she came to know about herself a lot more.

It ends in a cliffhanger and I’m really looking forward to the next book in series “The Combat Of Eagels And Serpents” . Cover is Gorgeous and attractive enough to grab the attention of the readers. It was a sweet, short novel, and perfect for readers looking to get into a whole new magical world. Highly recommended!


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